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Though some of the words and phrases may have been lost in translation, the similarities between the iconic holiday poem “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” and the recently discovered Japanese poem entitled “‘Twas the Eve of Shogatsu (New Year’s Day),” the similarities between the two are striking.

“The Eve of Shogatsu” is a first-hand account of a daring New Year’s Eve raid on a feudal lord’s castle by the ninja bandit Goemon and a group of his loyal followers. This event would have taken place in old Japan over 400 years ago! This is the first time anyone has seen this poem outside our very secret inner circle. We think it’s time to share with you – our trusted Ninja friends – and ask for your help.

While “The Night Before Christmas” has inspired so many books and artwork, we can not find ANY artwork depicting the encounter in “The Eve of Shogatsu”! This is what we are asking you:

ENJOY the poem. It’s meant to bring joy to you and your family!
SHARE the poem with family, friends, teachers and anyone you trust! In the spirit of the Holidays, you have permission to send it to enemies too.
CREATE a scene from your favorite part of the poem! Use and medium you like. Crayons, paint, graphic design software…and have fun!
SHARE with us by January 30th. Be sure to include your Name, Age, and where you live. Share thru Social @playninjagolf or email contact@playninjagolf.com Subject: Art Contest.
WIN! We are giving away prizes for the top submitted works: 5 prizes to those 12 years old and over, and 5 prizes to 11 and under. The top prize is $100 or a Family Membership to Ninja Golf!

Our mission is to compile your art and celebrate it in a dramatic reading featuring your good work (maybe we’ll even publish a little book!)

We hope you enjoy the poem and look forward to your submissions. Have a Happy and safe Holiday!

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