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Starting Thursday, July 11th, join us each week for an exciting mini-golf showdown! Whether you’re a Pro (Competitive) or Not-A-Pro (Friendly), there’s a spot for you in our MiniGolf MiniTournaments. Check-in is at or before 6 PM, and it only costs $5 to enter.
The tournaments will run for six weeks, featuring a qualifying round followed by a championship round to determine the winners. We’re gathering fun prizes for the top players, so don’t miss out on the action!
Thank you to Culver’s (Granger) for leveling-up the Prizes for our top players in each Division!
Honesty, Courtesy and Good Sportsmanship is expected from all players (and their fans) at all times.

Agenda and Tourney Guide:

  • Check-IN: Starting at 5:45pm and until 6:10pm, players register and pay $5.
  • Register as PRO (Experienced) or Not-A-Pro (Friendly) Player.
  • ALL Players Receive – BASHO BUCK! for a FREE scoop of ice cream!
  • Players may play with Friends or Family. Players MUST play with at least one additional player.
  • Play 18-Holes (2 Courses) as Assigned by the Tourney Chair at Check-IN. Courses may be played in either order. (Ex// Week 1: West and Middle)
  • Scorecards MUST be turned in by 7:05pm to qualify for the Championship Round.
  • At about 7:10pm (or sooner!) the Championship Finalists will be announced. Tourney Chair will determine number of Championship Round players depending on number of players and scores.
  • At 7:15pm (or sooner!) paired-up Champ. Players will play an additional 9-Holes (the 3rd course) to determine the Weekly Champs!
  • 1st – $20 OR $25 Ninja Golf! Gift Card + Culver’s Prize
  • 2nd – $15 OR $20 Ninja Golf! Gift Card + Culver’s Prize
  • 3rd – $10 OR $15 Ninja Golf! Gift Card + Culver’s Prize



  • 1st – $15 OR $20 Ninja Golf! Gift Card + Culver’s Prize
  • 2nd – $10 OR $15 Ninja Golf! Gift Card + Culver’s Prize
  • 3rd – $5 OR $10 Ninja Golf! Gift Card + Culver’s Prize


  • Players may use their OWN Putter, but will use a Ninja Golf! Ball
  • Teams will play the two assigned courses and turn in their scores
  • EACH player will keep score, but then turn ONE signed scorecard to the registration table. Please PRINT first and last names also.
  • Results will be announced once ALL players have turned in scores
  • Please do not bother the Scorekeepers :) too much.
  • TEE-off from anywhere behind 1st brick on each hole. The ball MUST be fully behind the first brick.
  • Youngest player goes 1st, then play “honors” (lowest score goes 1st on the next hole.
  • Balls against an obstacle or may be placed up to one SCOREcard length away from the obstacle. NO Penalty
  • If the ball leaves the playing surface, place/drop the ball on the green approx. where it left and take a 1 Stroke Penalty.
  • Exception: Jump Shots – if the ball lands in the “river” the ball will be dropped safely on the “island”. Take a 1 Stroke Penalty.
  • NO Chipping!
  • Holes with “drops” / extra holes: Players may choose to SKIP/bypass the “extra” holes if they wish.
  • Questions should be directed to Tourney Chair.
Disclaimer: Ninja Golf! Does not (and never will) claim to be perfect. We will do our best, like you, to be fair, open and honest. Let’s make the Weekly Tournaments fun for ALL ages and ALL abilities.
Arigatou! and Ganbatte (Do your best!).
Ninja Team ‘24
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